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S.O.S. can rescue you and your dog so you will have a dog you can live with!

Saling’s Obedience School Family Dog Training, located in Brandon, Florida, was founded by Mike and Brenda Saling. With a God given talent and a love of dogs, the Salings have achieved many high honors, awards and titles with their dogs. The Saling’s main concern has always been the Family Dog, with over 36 years of dedication to promoting a reliable, gentle, easy to handle, sociable, trouble-free household pet.ย This specialized training will result in a dog who is prepared for agility, confirmation, and rally. All dogs are trained in the presence of the owner.

What S.O.S. Offers

cute_dogs_sqrPrivate Lessons and In-Home Training

One-on-one instruction in your pet’s own surroundings offering a program designed especially for you and your companion.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training classes are set in a fun casual atmosphere and are economically priced. The classes are kept at two to three students per class so there is always time for individual training. Learn about the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy program here.

How S.O.S. Trains

All classes are structured toward teaching you how to understand and communicate with your pet through positive reinforcement. Mike and Brenda Saling feel that the relationship between owner and pet is very important and that dogs shouldn’t be just dogs alone in the backyard but treated as a cherished member of the family. These classes are inspired by God-given talent and a desire to teach owners how to have a more fulfilling relationship with their dogs.

granddaughter_puppy200What S.O.S. Will Give You

Gentle but effective training methods will result in a happier, more dedicated owner and a well behaved dog you can live with! A casual atmosphere ensures that new and old students alike feel right at home. Many students develop lasting friendships and even decide to continue on to enter dog shows!